Fitness bands

Did you know that our bodies utilize 430 muscles to co-ordinate in order to move. Consequently if some of them become stiff because we are not using them, then pain can develop.

However stretching your muscles a couple of times a day can help to alleviate that problem.

To help beat backache, stretch the top of your back every evening. The pectoral muscles, which are located on the upper chest, connect your arms to your trunk and help you push things and easily performing movements which include your arms and shoulders.

Stretching the chest may be one of the best exercises you can do for your body, since most of us spend much of our time hunched forward. Resistance bands are becoming more and more popular and are available from most sporting shops and good departments stores. Your first port of call should be to see a Physiotherapist who would show you the correct ways to use your bands for your particular type of back problem.

The NHS website also has details and a video on exercises for a healthy back
or take a look at this website that has a list of stretching exercises