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British Red Cross Week May 4th-9th – The BRC have made the difficult but necessary decision to postpone all planned public collections activity this year.

This comes after carefully considering the risks of Covid-19 (coronavirus) on the health, safety and wellbeing of our amazing volunteer collectors and generous donors.

However you can still help raise awareness by becoming a virtual bucket shaker means that you can still collect donations, bring your community together and raise vital funds for people in crisis. It’s quick and easy, just click the ‘Become a Virtual Bucket Shaker’ link and register for your online fundraising page now!

The principles in action today

A flash of hope

Around the world, whenever a humanitarian crisis occurs, the Red Cross or Red Crescent is always one of the first organisations on the scene thanks to their kind volunteers.

Today, the challenges posed by an unpredictable and often changing global landscape have never been greater. But their principles still ring true.

They still guide us through adversity. They still command respect. They still make the Red Cross unique.

Protection at all costs

They recognise they are only able to work in conflict zones such as Yemen, Syria and South Sudan because they are neutral, impartial and independent, and because the red cross and red crescent emblems reflect these principles.

This is why it is important they celebrate the principles and make as much noise as possible about why they matter.

Principles in action project

Their Principles in action project explores how the fundamental principles help the Red Cross across the world.

Using real-life examples, the project shows how the principles help staff and volunteers gain access to, and help, people in need.

From hiring a wheelchair or dealing with loneliness, to adjusting to life in a new country – the Red Cross are there when you need them. Connecting human kindness with human crisis.

For more details or to donate head to the Red Cross website here.

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Back pain taught me 5 important lessons

It’s been four weeks since I took myself — by ambulance — to the emergency room of my local hospital with the most excruciating pain I have felt in …

Back pain taught me 5 important lessons
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As the quote above says – ” There is always, always, always something to be thankful for”, and I would like to say Thank You to Ellie from To Better Days for including me in her list of “8 Women Bloggers You Need to Follow”.

Ellie wrote “In celebration of Women’s History Month we have put together a round up of our favourite Women bloggers in the chronic pain space. Blog articles and their authors are an essential part of the chronic pain community providing support as well as being a hub of useful information from likeminded people giving you a big dose of positivity.

Here at To Better Days we believe it’s crucial we hear all voices surrounding living with Chronic Pain Conditions and that especially true when it comes to women. Pain for women has historically been ignored, written off as normal and therefore accepted as part of being a woman. It’s important to give pain the expression it deserves and demand to be taken seriously. These women are doing a fantastic job of doing just that, breaking the stigma surrounding women and pain one post at a time.

So here is our list of 8 women who inspire us. They write real, honest and practical advice on a range of topics from travel to wellness, alternative pain relief to product reviews.”

I am truly honoured and grateful to be included in this list of other amazing bloggers which includes one of my blogging buddies Caz from Invisibly Me. They all well and truly deserve this credit.