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The immune system of your body, a complex system made of bone marrow, blood, skin, and tissues, work together to protect your body from harmful pathogens.

Right from protecting your body from viruses and bacteria to limiting damage from non-infectious agents like cancer or sunburn, the immune system works round the clock to keep you safe from deadly diseases. So, it becomes essential to help keep up this crucial system’s strength.

Fortunately, you don’t need to do much to keep your body’s immune system in top condition. Just a couple of lifestyle changes and adopting a few healthy alternatives can do the trick for you.

What are these ways to give the much-needed boost to your immune system? Let’s find out!

1.   Eat the right kind of food

The first thing you need to do to boost your immune system is to watch what you eat. It has become a sort of food trend to give up on carbs and fats altogether, whereas those are also essential for your good health.

The key lies in selecting the right kind of fats and carbs. The fat found in salmon and olive oil helps the body’s immune responses towards pathogens by bringing down the inflammation. Similarly, good carbs such as whole grains, whole wheat flour, and veggies contain high fiber content. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, this soluble fiber effectively gets rid of the toxins from the body, which makes the immunity system better.  

Fermented foods, such as yogurt, kimchi, and kefir, are rich in probiotic bacteria. Add them to your daily diet for your gut health.

2.   Watch your sugar intake

It has been proven in several studies that refined carbs and added sugars contribute to obesity and overweight. Being obese is damaging to your body’s immune responses.

Eliminating sugar from your daily diet as much as possible can help you in multiple ways, such as:

  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Aiding weight loss
  • Reducing the risk of heart diseases
  • Mitigating the danger of type 2 diabetes

The factors mentioned above can weaken the body’s immune system. Thus, if you want your daily diet to aid your immune system, giving up on sugar is one of the first things to do.

But when it comes to sugar, how much is too much? Since the required daily calorie intake for an adult is around 2,000 calories, two tablespoons of sugar, in various forms, should be the limit.

3.   Using Herbs in boosting immune response

A few studies have shown that herbs like neem, moringa, tulsi, and ginger might also have a significant role in boosting your immune responses. While neem has antifungal and antibacterial properties, tulsi has antioxidants and many phytochemicals to combat germs. Moringa is rich in Vitamin C, whereas ginger has antioxidant gingerol to boost immunity.  

Another herb that is very effective in this respect is cannabis, as it can enhance white blood cells count. White blood cells, originating in your bone marrow, mainly function as your immunity cells.

Besides, it might also help to decrease inflammation by boosting immune responses of the body. Thus, the ones turning to weed, be it Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid Weed, might be helping the immune system of their body and its quick responses.

However, it’s best to consult an expert before you start taking any herbal remedy, and you must not substitute them for any prescribed medication. 

4.   Engage in some form of daily exercise

The fact that you need to exercise daily does not mean that you need to join the gym or take fifty laps at the swimming pool every day.

Intense exercise for a long time might turn out to be detrimental to your immune system. The key to a healthy body lies in moderation, even in exercising. Physical activities remove the cold or flu-causing bacteria from the airways and also lungs. This reduces the chance of falling prey to different ailments.

White blood cells and antibodies help in determining any illness faster. When you exercise daily, they modify these cells, helping you identify and prevent any disease. Daily workout also lessens the stress hormones that are responsible for many diseases.

Find something that interests you so that you don’t give up exercising midway. It can be brisk walking for half an hour or a bit of jogging in the morning. The important thing is to stick to your daily exercise routine to boost your immune system.

5. Get enough hours of sleep

Sleep is your body’s way of rejuvenating itself, and it’s closely linked to your immune responses. Even after eating right and exercising daily, if you don’t get enough shut-eye at the end of the day, all your efforts will be in vain.

Let’s give you a simple example of how sleep and your immune responses are tied together. Did you notice that you tend to sleep more when you’re sick? Well, this is your body’s way to let your immune system fight the illness better.

Sleep requirements vary from one person to another, based on age and health conditions. As a general rule of thumb, a healthy adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep at night, while children need fourteen hours at least.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, dietary and lifestyle changes are the surest ways to strengthen the immune system. The ways mentioned above can help give your body the stamina to fight off diseases and remain active and fit. Keep in mind that the impact of all these changes can only be seen when you keep following them consciously in your life.







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Muscle building swings between the process of exercise and recovery. Where one factor leads to another or instead complete each other, exercise is futile if the muscle does not get the opportunity to recover. Therefore, for any enthusiast who wishes to pack on muscles, giving time to recovery is inevitable. 

Although crucial, most people underestimate the recovery process and don’t levy any extra effort to recover. A common assumption that muscles are bound to recover by themselves is an exaggeration for anybody who is looking for quicker results.

Numerous recovery supplements on the market usually focus on fulfilling nutritional needs. CBD, however, is emerging as a supplement that works on the base root level. It encompasses a well-rounded approach to target the physiological aspect of building rather than just nutrition. Read on to find out interesting ways by which CBD supports your recovery after a workout.

1.   CBD can foster post-workout hormonal balance.

Cannabidiol(CBD) is a fascinating cannabis derivative that is causing quite a stir in the health world. It has many health benefits and yet has no psychoactive effect on the brain. Interestingly, the chemical composition of CBD is similar to cannabinoids produced in our endocannabinoid system. Therefore it can integrate seamlessly with our innate ECS system.

ECS’s various regulatory functions encompass a broad range of activities that ascertain mood, stress, pain, inflammation, appetite, and sleep. Therefore CBD can have a direct effect in upregulating these activities and their subsequent hormonal functions.

Many fitness enthusiasts often witness a severe change in the hormonal functions of their bodies. The oxidative stress from an intense session usually raises the cortisol level. The increased level of these stress hormones inhibits the growth and recovery in the muscles. Some studies signify CBD to help counteract the production of cortisol and support the production of growth hormones such as testosterone. CBD is a natural anti-catabolic that balances stress and anxiety in our system. It aids mental relaxation for recovery to speed up.

2.   CBD can manage inflammation and pain.

During workouts, we break down the old muscles to replace it with a new strong structure. Every time we exercise, reversible damages occur to the tiny muscle fibers in the targeted areas. The body intelligence localizes this area by producing inflammation for the body to start its repair mechanism. While pain is natural to the process, some unchecked inflammation can be a cause of the concern. It not only hinders physical activity but also can cause permanent damage to our joints. Therefore, to keep things in balance, most of the athletes include anti-inflammatory agents in their diets.

Luckily, one can replace common painkillers with CBD edibles to control inflammation. CBD enhances the body’s natural anti-inflammation mechanism by releasing inflammation molecules and IL receptivity. CBD can also alleviate pain whether regular or chronic. Including CBD in your post-workout ensures muscle relaxation for a regulated recovery.

3.   It can aid sleep.

If you are following fitness trends, you would know the importance of sleep in a routine. Hardly you will notice a fitness expert ever underestimating the power of rest in recovery. Some of them would even delay a workout schedule often to fulfill their daily quota of sleep. Science has proven that the majority of healing and recovery happens during sleep hours.

Out of several therapeutic benefits of CBD, it’s potential in aiding sleep is of particular benefit to fitness lovers. CBD can help restore sleep and stabilize patterns of the sleep-wake cycle.  Various anecdotal reports show that CBD can help deep sleep and for longer periods. It acts against sleep inhibitors like eye moments accustomed to dreaming. Therefore it can mitigate the dispersion of energy, which will then naturally direct to muscle repair work.


4.   It can help manage digestive issues.

The two essential parameters of good recovery are rest and food. It is a universal fact that to aid muscle growth, one has to feed the body the right nutrition. The macro ratio for growth always focuses on high-protein food sources. Unlike fats and carbs, proteins are difficult to digest. Consistent protein-rich diets can trouble the digestive system to cause low nutrition absorption.

CBD is an excellent aid that can work on your digestive health. It helps eliminate inflammation and bloatedness in the digestive tract to support proper absorption of the food. Since the ECS system governs appetite, its regulatory effect can help regulate meals for optimum muscle recovery and growth. 

5.   Kick DOMS

Many American professional athletes, football players, and golfers testify to the benefits of CBD. The top reason for them to include CBD in their routine is because they believe that CBD minimizes their recovery time. For athletes who have back to back events cannot afford to underperform duke to Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness. Many of them rely on CBD to overcome such barriers. Studies report that the escalating pain due to DOMs can be subsided with the use of CBD. Hence one can use it effectively to manage the recovery period and rebound quicker.

The Bottom Line

Considering CBD’s benefits, even professional authorities like the US Anti-doping Agency (USADA) permit it. CBD works integratively on several aspects of recovery, including pain management and sleep. It is a natural enhancer that does not lead to dependency or any abuse.

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KnowYourMeds is your digital health assistant that enables you to manage your health and any health-related conditions effectively. It tracks your vitals, sends you pill reminders, keeps you aware of drug interactions, including possible side-effects, and informs you about the latest information related to your drugs, chronic conditions and overall health. 

KnowYourMeds has several features that make it the perfect app for managing your health, and your family’s too! Download the free app here.

Features List:

Medication Management

Never miss a pill again, or even re-filling the prescription for one! The medication management features of this app makes sure that you are taking your meds in a timely fashion without risking any harmful interactions with food or other drugs.  

With KnowYourMeds, get the benefits of: 

  • ⏰ Pill reminders 
  • ⏰ Refill reminders 
  • ⚠️ Drug interaction warnings 
  • 💊Drug to drug interaction checker 
  • 🍚 Drug to food interaction checker  
  • 🗓️ Customizable schedule 
  • ✅ Adherence monitoring/sharing 
  • 👨👩👧👦 Family and caregiving management 
  • 📢Provider Communications

Condition management

The condition management feature provides guidance to the user to track certain health metrics appropriately for their medical condition, allows them to monitor symptoms, track side effects, medication adherence, and provides the user the ability to share their progress with their doctor. 

Stay on top of your medical condition with: 

  • 📖Condition information 
  • 🩺Vitals tracking 
  • 👨👩👧👦 Monitor dependents conditions 

Download the free app here

KnowYourMeds is a for-profit social enterprise that seeks to improve healthcare globally using AI. We have developed an intelligent [AI] Digital Health Assistant [DHA] for Providers, Self Insured Employers/Payors and Patients.

For the provider, the DHA provides diagnostic assistance to the physician to arrive at a more accurate diagnosis by guiding the patient through an exhaustive diagnostic decision tree personalized to the patient’s medical condition. Suggested diagnoses are presented to the physician along with complete inferential reasoning based on the patient’s responses. In addition, the DHA aims to lower readmissions from non-adherence to discharge instructions by monitoring/assisting in adherence of digital discharge instructions in the DHA.

For the Self-insured employer, the DHA helps optimize healthcare costs through personalized interventions/monitoring of adherence to treatment regimens, designing behavioral interventions to assist high risk groups to improve adherence, using diagnostic pathways to forecast disease progression and manage overall health care costs and health outcomes.

For patients and caregivers, the DHA provides personalized and timely information on drugs, side and adverse effects, interactions, latest research relevant to their conditions and monitoring of relevant health metrics.

The AI diagnostic models are a combination of expert knowledge curated from standards of care and diagnostic protocols from various medical bodies and knowledge learnt from an ongoing modeling of actual diagnoses by physicians compared to the suggested diagnoses by DHA. The readmission and adherence models are similar.

There is also a great blog with information on Diseases, Drugs and Digital Health.