Some useful Back Pain Tips.

Always bend you knees when lifting ‘anything’ and keep your stomach pulled in and hold the item close to you.

Avoid excess weight, as this puts a lot of pressure on your spine.

Watch your postures, especially if you sit down a lot. Take regular breaks to walk around and stretch out.

Stay as active as possible, walking and swimming are great for people suffering from back pain.

Try to keep your feel flat on the floor when you are working at a desk.

Only wear high heels for special occasions as they put a strain on your spine.

Pop a cushion or towel behind your back for long car journeys and make sure you stop for regular breaks.

When you are in the dentist chair as for a rolled up towel to place in your lower spine.

A great book on the subject with exercises and tips for a healthy back is ‘Healing Back Pain: Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tips for Healthy Back and Spine‘, by JS Jessica Many Finley JSF.


Never give up

Chronic pain sufferers often have to adjust their hopes and dreams, their lifestyles and even their employment prospects. This can then have a knock on effect and end up leading to depression and anxiety.

Different chronic pain conditions bring with them different levels of emotional symptoms and together with the number of drugs we take to deal with our conditions, we seem to end up with an emotional mix up.When we are in pain or distress or feeling isolated and helpless it changes our personality. This is a typical example of what has happened to me recently.

After having some facet joint injections for the pain in my back I was pain free for the first time for a number of years. My head felt so much clearer, and lots of my friends commented on how bright my eyes looked and how well I looked. I felt a million dollars then with a flick of a switch my back went into spasm and my pain free world came to an abrupt end.

It soon came back to me how little I could do with this awful pain but I so desperately wanted to avoid going back down the medication route as I had managed to stop taking my strong opioids, and loved the clear heading feeling I had started to become accustomed to.

My fight and flight mechanism was telling me to go back to taking my strong drugs or hide away in my own little world of pain and loneliness. After having had so many comments from friends on how well I looked, it made me feel like I should hide away from seeing anyone as the tell tale sign in my eyes and posture would show I was back to square one again.

I guess anyone in chronic pain will grab the opportunity of some pain free time to enjoy life as a normal person be it for a few days/weeks or months but the hardest part is accepting that after a short respite your usual pain would be back before you know it.

One of my friends bought me the tile above with ‘never, never, never give up’  on it, which I keep in plain site for me to see when I am going through a rough patch.

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Barbara McLullich

Isn’’t it strange, how nature makes your forget,
That terrible pain you have and continually get.
It comes in waves when you least expect it,
And you think, please stop now and give me a rest for a bit.

With my batteries recharged, I’’m ready for the next bout of pain,
Gosh, I forgot how it was driving me insane.
I keep my head high and everyone says I look just fine,
But they have no idea how I really feel at this present moment in time.

I may not have bandages and plaster anywhere on my body,
But believe me it just keeps on coming back and driving me potty.
Now I’’ve tried everything available in the book,
And yes, it helps but only with my foot!!!

I’’m writing this poem as I just can’t sleep,
It’s that awful pain again from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.
I’’m sure one-day someone will find a cure,
But until then I shall just have to suffer some more.




Fibromyalgia is not just seen in women, men suffer it as well. FibroMen is a website that has been set up to raise awareness of the syndrome and providing information to help men, their families, partners and carers with diagnosis, treatment and coming to terms with the condition.

FibroMen was established by a long-term “FibroMan” who failed to get treatment at the start of his symptoms, who put it down to over-exertion and ended up in hospital on a few occasions and who now has life-long auto-immune conditions on top of fibro – the message is simple “Get Checked Out!” – if it’s fibromyalgia you probably won’t be cured, but you’ll learn how to cope and live with it. FibroMen exists to raise public awareness of fibromyalgia in men and to inform, support and empower sufferers, their families and carers”.


They want you to raise awareness by either writing on their blog  or tell your story for other fellow sufferers to read. You can also find them on their twitter site.




Time for Action logo

ME Awareness Week takes place from 6-12 May 2013. The week aims to improve awareness of ME and raise funds for research into this painful condition. Action for M.E. is the leading UK charity for people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) and their carers.

M.E. is a chronic, fluctuating illness affecting 250,000 people in the UK. It may be diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome (PVFS). M.E. symptoms may include persistent exhaustion, muscle and/or joint pain, sleep disturbance, feeling ’flu-like and having problems with memory and concentration.

Action for M.E. will provide information and support, while campaigning for better services and more effective treatments and driving and investing in research – until our vision is achieved and M.E. is overcome.

Find out more about us and what we believe about M.E.

Apart from a small grant in Scotland, we receive no government funding and are dependent on charitable donations for all of our work. Please help us to do more. Find out about ways you can help.