15 Surprising Facts About Migraines & Their Prevalence

Migraines are a chronic problem worldwide, with many suffering this debilitating issue to some degree, from occasional to chronic. June 2020 is …

15 Surprising Facts About Migraines & Their Prevalence


It’s Migraine Awareness Month and if you suffer from migraines, you will already know how difficult it can be to manage them. This month, migraineurs and researchers alike are coming together to advocate for migraine and headache awareness, education, and research.

Here are a few ways you can participate and show your support:

  • Join a community. Having a support group is essential for migraine sufferers. This month, consider joining a Facebook group, a Reddit community, or another group of migraineurs that you can turn to for sympathy or advice.
  • Educate yourself. Now is a great time to learn more about current migraine research and possible treatments. Check out the Migraine Research Foundation or their blog for migraine and headache-related insights.
  • Get social. One of the best ways to increase migraine awareness is to share your experience on social media. Don’t forget to tag your post or photo with #MHAM2020!

Migraines can be tough, but you are not alone. If you are experiencing severe migraines or need more information on available migraine treatments.

The Migraine Relief Center has also seen the effectiveness of massages in some migraine patients. Massage can release endorphins, increase serotonin levels, reduce sleep disturbances, and relieve stress. All of this can result in fewer migraines and symptom relief. The licensed massage therapists at The Migraine Relief Center integrate a variety of massage techniques in treatment plans.

One I read about is using hand reflexology ( similar to acupuncture but without the needles) –

For a headache at the back of the head put the little finger on the outside edge of the skin crease on your knuckle.
For headache and migraine in the temple area press the ring finger on the outside edge of the skin crease on your knuckle.
For a headache at the top of the head press the middle finger on the radial side (thumb side) edge of the skin crease of your knuckle.




Migraine Awareness Week is 1st – 7th September, 2019. The Migraine Trust say that while there is an increasing awareness of migraine and understanding of what it is, not many would disagree that we are no where near the level of awareness and understanding that we need to reach. And we do need to reach it because lack of awareness and understanding of migraine seriously impacts our lives, with too many people not fully realising what it is like to live with this condition.

That’s why it is so crucial for us to maximize the opportunity that Migraine Awareness Week gives us. Running from 1-7 September this year, it is a moment in the year when everyone affected by migraine and everyone working to help those affected work together to raise the profile of migraine as a complex neurological condition and dispel any ideas that it is ‘just a headache’.

They have two focuses for Migraine Awareness Week. The first focus is tackling the isolation that migraine can often lead to and encouraging people with migraine to talk to their friends and family about it. It has been wonderful that so many people have held Meetups since they launched. They say they love seeing the pictures from the Meet-ups and hearing about them, particularly how they have helped you talk about migraine. Many of you have also used them as an opportunity to thank your friends and family for supporting you with your migraine.

The second focus builds on last year’s workplace activity. The aim of this is to create workplaces that are ‘Mindful of Migraine’. By mindful of migraine we mean for employers to be aware of the high numbers of people who get migraine and that it is a complex, varied, and often debilitating neurological condition. We would then like employers to make reasonable adjustments once they become aware that they have an employee who gets migraine.

Get involved with either of these focuses by contacting or looking at The Migraine Trust website.