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At last I am having a full spinal MRI – my neck and thoracic pain in particular have gone worse over the last twelve months and we have tried lots of new treatments but none of the pain relief lasts long enough.

I had my last lot of injections in December but was struggling so much at that stage that my pain consultant told me to contact him if the injections didn’t work for long. Unfortunately I seemed to have got lost in the system, but eventually managed to get a telephone appointment with him.

I was then told to go to the Spinal Unit to see someone a couple of days later and it was decided that it was time I had a full spinal MRI. It will be a few weeks before we get the results but I really do feel that this is the right move.




No more panic if your a bit claustrophobic with the upright MRI.

MRI imaging has long been used as a way to image and assess the spine for pathology, scanning patients supine. It may now be argued that scanning patients in a weight-bearing position has the potential to deliver a more precise diagnosis, thus improving patient management.

It’s an open system which enhances patient comfort for an anxiety-free examination, and has a
unique ability to scan the spine in flexion or extension.

It’s not just for the spine though as weight-bearing imaging can be of benefit in joints like hips, knees, or ankles.

Patients who cannot undertake a conventional MRI scan due to claustrophobia, large body size, or inability to lie down, also benefit from this truly open scanner.

It is also a radiation-free way to evaluate scoliosis in the standing position.

The upright scanner is available at MRI London, for more details head to their website.