I am studying all about Essential Oils and their benefits to lots of conditions and came across an article in Healthline Woman’s Wellness which said there are a number of Essential Oils that can offer an energy boost.

In case you didn’t know Essential oils are concentrated compounds extracted from plants through steam or water distillation, or mechanical methods, such as cold pressing. Essential oils are most commonly used in the practice of aromatherapy. They’re typically either inhaled or diluted and applied to the skin.

Some essential oils backed up by research for boosting energy include, peppermint, sweet orange, rosemary, spearmint mixed with rosemary oil and lemon.

Always follow the essential oil best practices as set out in Healthline and check with your GP that none of them will clash with any of your medication,

  • Always use a carrier oil when applying essential oils topically. 
  • Always do a patch test before applying to your skin.
  • Always buy 100% pure essential oils from a reputable source.
  • Never take essential oils by mouth unless told to do so by a healthcare professional. Many oils are toxic.

Source : Healthline

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  • USE IN EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE: Add a few drops into your homemade soap and lip balm for a Calming scent. Help Soothe up burns, pain, and joint stiffness. Rub it on your skin to witness some Anti Ageing magic. Use a few drops to make your own air freshener. Perfect for massage therapy, boosting Health naturally without side effects, Improve your sleep and calming both children and adults alike. The possibilities are endless!
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Magnet Therapy

Headspace is meditation app that contains bite-sized techniques to help you sleep better, focus more and get some relief from a busy mind.

This is a free meditation app and you can learn straight away from Andy Puddicombe, who also has a website which is the world’s first gym meditation for your mind.

Find out how to feel happier, sleep better and beat stress

They say it’s as easy as signing up, sitting down, and pressing play. Then just sit back and relax as Andy guides you through a simple process making it easy to learn how to meditate.

Research has shown that brain activity begins to change within just a few days of learning to meditate decreasing stress and improving your mood.



As most of you know I’ve had quite a hard year this year with one thing and another, which has meant a quite significant increase in my pain.

After I’d finished my allotted physiotherapy treatments recently, my physiotherapist said that she would write to my GP to suggest a referral back to her, so that I could carry on with further treatments as the treatment had not been that successful.

I was soon asked by my GP’s surgery to go and see my own GP as soon as possible.

When I arrived for my appointment it was not my usual GP but one I had not met before who said that he’d had a letter from my Physio saying that she felt I seemed ‘quite low’ the last time she saw me due to the amount of pain that I was in. He then asked if I could do with some help with my pain, to which I replied that I had seen my Pain Consultant recently who was sending me to see his Physio for some Acupuncture to see if this would help.

He then said that he didn’t mean that ‘type’ of help, but did I think that some ‘Counselling’ for my pain would help.

‘Counselling for PAIN’, I said, ‘ I think I could probably ‘give’ others counselling but ‘no’ I did not feel that I needed any counselling, thanks very much’.

I must admit I was a bit ‘cross’ that they felt this was a rather ‘urgent’ matter and that I was seen by a GP that I did not know and who also did not know me at all, and to suggest I needed ‘counselling’ was quite outrageous.

‘Counselling’ for pain is not something I have read about nor come across in all the time I have been suffering with chronic pain, as a treatment for chronic pain. I did say to him that ‘ I am allowed the odd down day, like anyone else in chronic pain, but having counselling was something I did not think could help me’.

He seemed a little taken aback as if it was cut and dried that I needed this type of treatment so I have decided that I will book an appointment to see my ‘own’ GP in the New Year to talk about it with her.

health pic


my homemade


Dear Health,

Just because Autumn/Winter is now upon us I really do not think it necessary for you to create a fuss and flare up my Fibromyalgia.

It’s ok for you, you know that it will get easier when my body adjusts, but meanwhile I’m suffering big time.

So, just for once will you give me a rest and help me kick in some pain killing endorphins to help me along the way.

In advance, many thanks, your suffering partner.