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Long term pain relief without surgery is explained in this infographic from Pain Injury Relief.

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My top eight Christmas gifts for people suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

  1. Walking Sticks Online – an online marketplace full of unique and trendy walking sticks to suit everyone’s budget and style. From walking sticks with animal handles to ladies selection of petite handles and many more. Plus a collection suitable for the gentleman in your life, from £24 
  2. Pain Relief Cushions – another online marketplace for all types of shapes and sizes of pain relief cushions to pop in your microwave or your freezer. From £11.72 
  3. The Sciatica Relief Cushion – for anyone suffering from sciatica and low back pain.The Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion is an entirely new form of relief for Sciatica, developed by people who have experience of suffering and treating sciatic pain, from £31.50 
  4. Joya Shoes Bliss for Back – shoes designed specifically for people with back pain. Joya shoes have come up with a type of shoe which can solve all those problems. The positive effect of a soft, springy surface on the locomotive system has been put to good use by physiotherapist for a long time now and is a highly topical subject in the fields of prevention/rehabilitation. The Joya brand has developed a shoe which makes use of this principle. The soft, supple material of the patented Joya sole means the load on the sole of your feet is ideally distributed as you walk and stand instead of being concentrated only on certain spots from £89.95 
  5. Dreamland Electric Heat Pad – I could not manage without mine and bought my sister a new one last Christmas. There are other makes on the market but this is my favourite. With new Intelliheat Technology for perfect temperature control.Instant heat up with 5 heat settings to choose from. Machine washable at 30 degrees. Very low running costs, less than 1p per session3 hour treatment auto shut off for your safety and peace of min, from £32 
  6. The All New Kindle Fire HD – I have the right music, the right books and the right audiobooks to help me relax and use it every single day. I think probably the best place to buy one without a doubt is from Amazon and new ones start at £79.99 
  7. A Massage from Groupon – all people in pain appreciate a massage and Groupon has some amazing offers all over the UK from as little as £15. 
  8. The  N:rem Sleep System which has an offer for my readers. If you wish to purchase a mattress you can have £30 off your order  – just quote BACKPAINBLOG at the check out.
    You can try the N:rem mattress for 100 nights in the comfort of your own home. This will give you the time to ensure you relax and get the perfect set-up to meet your needs. You can sleep on it and adjust the comfort and support up and down your body until it is just right for you, your partner can do the same on their side. The N:rem mattress provides the ability to tailor each side differently offering different levels of support wherever they’re needed. Simply unzip the N:rem’s cotton top cover and you’ll discover two sets of 5 variable density foam tablets,  from £540
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Last night was the final episode of the first series of ‘The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs’, on BBC 1. In this concluding part of the program Dr Chris van Tulleken carries on with his aim to try to get patients off drugs.  His first patient of the night is chronic “back pain” sufferer ‘Crystal’ who is on a gambit of drugs for her pain. He first takes her to see a Physiotherapist who soon realises that Crystal would need to stay on her medication for quite some time while he treated her. Dr Chris Van Tulleken then comes up with the idea of her meeting a ‘Kung Fu’ expert to try and slowly get her body moving and at the same time start reducing her medication.

You could see how much pain Crystal was in and to my utter amazement after a few months doing ‘Kung Fu’ she could move amazingly well and she was in a lot less pain. It was worth watching the program last night just to see how Crystal improved.

Last week he had another patient who had been on anti-depressants for years and whom he suggested a ‘cold water swim’ to help with this problem. On last night’s episode she was doing well until she went for a swim in a lake on her own where she endured a panic attack and thought she was going to drown. Dr Chris van Tulleken said what she needed was a swimming partner, and a swimming partner she got, which seemed to work the trick for her. Another tick in the box for Tulleken but possibly something that would be hard to sustain with patients at a Doctors surgery with no cold water lake nearby to swim in.

Dr Chris van Tulleken also completed a questionnaire used to assess whether patients have depression. According to his results he said, ” I have moderate depression. I’ll tell you, I do not have moderate depression!”  before pointing out that the questionnaire is available on the NHS website !!!!

His last group of patients were people who were taking drugs to reduce the risk of heart attack’s or stroke’s. He soon comes up with what he believes to be a more sensible alternative ‘walking’. The group he puts together are not impressed but they agree to take part. The results are amazing and even the other Doctors in the practice were shocked but I guess the big question is ‘will half an hour’s walk 5 days a week’, persuade them to keep off the pills?

I found the program totally fascinating and hope a second series will come along to see if Dr Chris van Tulleken has made more progress with his quest to get people off drugs. It’s obvious from the two-part series that many, many people (including me) are on a mixture of drugs to help with a mixture of medical conditions but certainly some of his ideas do work. Whether his new type of treatments can be given to patients I guess will as always boil down to NHS funding and experts in those fields.