Foot Pain

Unlike a normal reflexology where they work on pressure points on your feet that correspond to organs and body systems, nerve reflexology focuses on the nervous system.

Apparently it is excellent for damaged tissue, squashed nerves and achy joints.

For chronic pain they say you would need to have the treatment twice a week for a couple of weeks, then less frequently.

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Tension and stress can cause headaches as your neck and shoulder muscles tighten up.
One technique which was invented in the 1920’s and 1930’s is called progressive muscle relaxation.

Simply clench your hands as hard as possible for ten seconds then release. You’ll instantly feel relaxed, and your arms and shoulders will loosen as a result, which should then send the headache away.
Do it three times an hour while you have your headache.

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The main benefits to reflexology are that it unblocks energy channels and have a relaxing effect. It can also stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms and help with pain relief.

William Fitzgerald developed the ‘zone theory’ after finding that he could induce numbness and reduce certain symptoms in the body by simply applying pressure to specific points on the hands and mouth.

The zones are throughout the body with the head having five zones on each side. All the zones lie in each finger and thumb and the theory is that energy travels through the zones and these have an energy connection to all organs, muscles, blood supplies, nerve cells and different tissue types. Disturbances in any of your body will affect these zones so by applying pressure on your hands and feet to these zones it will stimulate the flow of of energy back through your body to the area that needs it.

The neck which is highly prone to tension could respond well to reflexology. To work on your neck reflex cup one thumb in the other hand so that it is resting between your index and middle fingers. Use your working thumb to walk along the bone of the thumb from the first to the second joint. Make seven small steps along the bones, to represent the seven vertebrae in the neck.


For a headache at the back of the nead put the little finger on the outside edge of the skin creas on your kuckle.
For headache and migraine in the temple area press the ring finger on the outside edge of the skin crease on your knuckle.
For a headache at the top of the head press the middle finger on the radial sid (thumb side) edge of the skin crease of your knuckle. (WIDGETBOX) WIDGETBOX.renderWidget(‘dca143ad-3a25-4708-b305-2c03ea66ed21’);

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Reflexology is a touch scie The earliest evidence of Reflexology comes from China, circa 2700 BCE.

The reflex is stimulated by direct pressure to the particular point. On the palm and wrist there are some 45 reflex points, and on the back of the hand 28 reflex points, that represent a particular organ, region, or function of the body. Combinations of reflex points are used in Reflex therapies.

Since hand reflexology is performed by applying pressure from fingers and thumbs on reflex points on the hands, the practice can provide an easy, cost-effective and safe way to treat ailments.

While reflexology hand mapping feels best (and may be more effective) when done by someone else, it is possible to work on oneself.

Try having a go on yourself by pinching the finger tips and thumb of your right hand. The pressure applied to each finger should be firm, but make sure it is not painful. A few seconds for each single finger tip will be sufficient. Now do the same with the other hand. Check with your GP first if you are on medication.