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  1. Make your bed the minute you get up from it. Your bedroom will look instantly tidier.
  2. After finishing any meal, walk around your home or office at least once or if it’s a nice day walk around the garden and enjoy the outdoor sounds.
  3. Every time you wash your hands, take three deep breaths.
  4. Every time you wash pots, pull your stomach in and count to five.
  5. Take a break from standing by sitting down at intervals throughout the day.
  6. When you turn off your computer for the day, give your desk a quick tidy-up.
  7. Before taking a break from any task, write down the first thing you will do when you return to it.
  8. Write on a sticky note the most important thing you want to achieve that day.
  9. Try and achieve one extra minute of exercise every day.
  10. Chew some gum. Chewing is a great form of stress reduction.
  11. Invest in a diffuser as essential oils may help calm the mind.
  12. Take a nap, 40 winks can recharge you.