knee support

The Rophi Cushion is a simple, effective and affordable way to relieve back pain.

The cushion, which sits in a purpose-made stocking, aligns the spine and pelvis whilst you sleep, relaxing your back muscles and allowing them to heal naturally.

The cushion is made from a unique combination of polyester fibres, which means that unlike a regular cushion, it maintains its buoyancy and stays in position all night.

The unique qualities of the cushion also mean that it is non-intrusive and inhibits sweat allowing a comfortable and pain-free night’s sleep.

It has been medically tested and approved (read clinical trial data by clicking here) to alleviate back pain and is fully endorsed by BackCare – the National Organisation for Healthy Backs.

There are no side effects, it can be prescribed and reduces the need for repeat visits to General Practitioners and other healthcare professionals.

As well as its clear medical benefits, the Rophi Cushion is anti-bacterial, anti-dustmite, non-allergic, machine-washable and flame retardant.

The Rophi Cushion is very easy to use, you simply slide the stocking with the cushion on your leg, like a sock, and align the cushion between your knees and sleep in the semi-foetal position.

Sleep on your side with the cushion between your knees and enjoy relief from back pain.