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I was delighted to receive an email today from UK Health Radio saying that I have been nominated for a UK Health Radio Oustanding Contribution Award for my work which is making a real difference to health, lifestyle, and quality of life.

Designed to recognise individuals, companies or groups who through their work make a real difference to health, lifestyle, and quality of life of particular communities or individuals.

All winners will be announced the first week in September and featured in HTM – Health Triangle Magazine and UK Health Radio. Wish me luck…


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Are you an unsung hero of the natural world or do you know someone else who is an unsung hero? UK Health Radio are on the look out for outstanding contributors for their unsung hero awards. Voting is open until 30th June so if you know someone who deserves to be included in this then click on this link to vote for them.

UK Health Radio wishes to recognise Outstanding Achievement in the areas we cover every day. These Awards are for all Unsung Heroes who are making a very real difference – perhaps behind the scenes! Perhaps in a supporting role to the more familiar“face” of the brand or the spokes-person of the company or organisation.

This Unsung Hero might also be someone who  is unfamiliar to the industry as a whole but is still someone who works away diligently and effectively – under the radar – perhaps sourcing or researching facts, developing ethical procedures or innovative new products.

You qualify for consideration for an Unsung Hero Award if your efforts can be described as making an Outstanding Contribution to: Health, Wellbeing or Quality of Life.

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Mike Dilke from Relaxback also presents a radio show on UK Health Radio. The objective of the show is to inform and entertain listeners on topics of musculoskeletal health. These are wide ranging and they talk about everything from running and injuries to aches and pains caused or exacerbated by different professions or trades. Listeners will be encouraged to think how they might move well, sit well and ultimately feel well.

UK Health Radio is a health information Station with the most in-depth information on the widest range of health and wellness topics – available anywhere today. They present their information through a radio schedule that now boasts 28 health shows that air 24/7. All their presenters are specialists in their fields and frequently interview guests that are, once again, specialists in the subjects being discussed.

On UK Health Radio you will FIND solutions to health & wellbeing problems you have and don’t want, OR results that you want and don’t have. So in other words, prevention and cure but with a big emphasis on prevention and a very big Call To Action when you have to cure. Many of them don’t realise that in MOST and I stress MOST cases, Good Health is a choice and UK Health Radio delivers the information and motivation to be able to make that choice.

UK Health Radio and their own Health Triangle Magazine feature programs and articles on issues of general health, digestion, back pain, allergies, skin care, weight management, migraines, nutrition, indigestion, cardiovascular care, women’s and men’s health, mental health, diabetes, dental health, elder care, caregiving, sexual health, avoidance of stress, avoidance of accidents and trauma, …. even pet health.

Mike has a regular slot on UK Health Radio, his company Relaxback’s aim is to give people the chance to be more healthy and happy. To achieve this Mike provides very high-quality products that help people who struggle with the affects of back pain or help them avoid the problem in the first place.

Mike’s aim is to give people the chance to be more healthy and happy. To achieve this he provides very high-quality products that help people who struggle with the affects of back pain or help them avoid the problem in the first place.

Currently, Mike has two main product ranges which he has thoroughly researched and know to be top quality, effective and likely to produce life-changing results. These are the Back App ergonomic chair and adjustable height desks.

Mike has written a post on our chat with a link to the radio interview here. I thoroughly enjoyed my chat with Mike although didn’t enjoy listening to my own voice (but I guess that’s normal) and hope to have another chat with Mike on the postcode lottery for facet joint injections in the New Year.

The first part of the interview is with some bell ringers at St. Albans Cathedral. Bell ringing is a great exercise and if it wasn’t for my back problem I think I would be interested in looking into joining a bell ringing group after listening to them chat with Mike on Health Radio UK.