Hi, I am a wife and mother of two, an author and freelance writer and blogger. I started writing a blog in 2007 about back pain after being a sufferer for over 30 years. I love writing about new brands on the market that can help alleviate any type of pain. If I have helped just one person to live in less pain then I know it’s all worth writing about. I enjoy what I do and feel very passionate about helping others along my blogging journey.

If you are in search for a reputable writer with a proven track record to produce high-quality articles for your blog that can boost traffic to your site and secure more customers, then you are in the right place. I am the writer of a number of blogs on different subjects some of which have been featured in magazines. I have written thousands of posts on a number of genres. Check out my own personal website for more details.

To give you a guide on prices, but this is only a guide as each business is negotiable as every client is different. Some may want lots of help, whereas some may only need a little bit, so a flexible price structure is more beneficial.

An initial set up of a blog page and the setup and link of this page to the most important media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin is a one-off price of £110. For twice weekly posts on your blog and linked to all your media sites, it costs roughly £50 per month.

For guest posts/adverts a rough guide is £30 per article of graphic up to 500 words.