Hi, I am a wife and mother of two, an author and freelance writer and blogger. I started writing a blog in 2007 about back pain after being a sufferer for over 30 years. I love writing about new brands on the market that can help alleviate any type of pain. If I have helped just one person to live in less pain then I know it’s all worth writing about. I enjoy what I do and feel very passionate about helping others along my blogging journey.

I write a number of jobs on different genres and work with different blogger outreach companies like Get Blogged.

If you are in search of a reputable writer with a proven track record to produce high-quality articles for your blog that can boost traffic to your site and secure more customers, then you are in the right place. I am the writer of a number of blogs on different subjects some of which have been featured in magazines. I have written thousands of posts on a number of genres. Check out my own personal website Blogger Bar for more details.

I like helping individuals and companies get their brand into the media. I translate the brand words into words that go to their site/blog and other media. Hopefully, this will inspire potential clients and customers and then help build a connection with them with fascinating and interesting posts.

I enjoy what I do and feel very passionate about helping others along their business journey keeping track through the chronicles I write on them.

Do you want to advertise or pop a guest post on my blog? Then I can also help with this.

We work in a 24/7 world now but even then some of us just don’t have the time to get down to doing the import jobs to promote our websites/blogs.

For guest posts/adverts a rough guide is £30 per article of graphic up to 500 words.

Some acknowledgments from people I have worked with…

The Hair & Beauty Lounge

Very pleased with service, worked with Barbara for the last 4 years.

The Village Kitchen

Get on great with Barbara, she goes above and beyond what we ask for.

Mike DilkeRelaxbackuk & UK Health Radio

I had some great interviews with Barbara (Blogger Bar) on Health Radio and enjoyed working with her. I genuinely find her an inspiration and she puts some energy into my day every time I chat with her.

Peter WesternPain Relief Cushions

Thank you so much for the great review of our products on your blog page.

Other Companies I have worked with… 

Kathryn Ohara – N:Rem Mattress System

Ewan MacGill – Smarts Communicate

“Barbara provided valuable support for us as we rolled out our influencer awareness campaign for our client. We needed to generate supportive content from credible sources to spread the word about the product and its benefits, and Barbara certainly helped us achieve this goal. The campaign led to a significant uplift in downloads for our client at a crucial stage, and we’re looking forward to working with Barbara again the future.”

Mark – The Sciatica Pain Relief Cushion 

Anna Aturyan – Reviews Bee

Whitney Vige – Siege Media

Catie Allwright –  Mobas

Drugstars App –  

“It was a pleasure working with you Barbara”.

Stephen Kellie – Media Works

Julie Ryan and  Jenna Farmer. – Chronic Illness Bloggers

Lee Good Fibro Blogger Directory

Tim Dowle Golden Concept – Joya Shoes

For guest posts/adverts a rough guide is £30 per article of graphic up to 500 words.