The difference between chronic and acute is just a matter of ‘time’ really. An acute attack of pain is something new that arrived and (hopefully) went. A chronic attack of pain is something that has been there for a long time, constant, like a toothache gnawing away at you come rain or shine.

If someone falls over and breaks a leg they are in immediate acute pain, and by the time they have been looked after in hospital, they usually leave with their pain in control. If someone is in chronic pain due to a toothache or back pain, there is usually nothing that you can actually ‘see’ that is causing it. Treatment for this type of pain can be a combination of things with the help of your GP and Pain clinic.

The average person will cope with some type of acute pain in their lifetime but most won’t have to suffer from chronic pain, so unless they have been in this sort of pain they have no idea what it is like.

Time and time again I get told how ‘well’ I look as if I must be making up how I am actually feeling. Many a day I’ve felt despair, rage and profound disappointment that I could not do certain jobs. My life has changed so much over the years that I can hardly believe it.

But staying positive, which I think I do, helps you through the dark days when the only people who know how much you are suffering are your loved ones. At this time of year everyone, in particular, women (sorry fellas) just don’t seem to stop so there will be many of us suffering in silence.

Soooooo, if you know someone who is in pain just remember to give them a helping hand at this busy time of year.



After writing a couple of days ago on some of the best gifts for chronic pain sufferers, some of the companies have sent me offers that are available now or on Black Friday.

NREM Sleep System have an offer running until Midnight Monday for Black Friday with up to 50% off across the site – this includes additional foam inserts and our newly added scented candle and sleep spray as well as the NREM and DUO mattresses. If people come to the website we have banners and pop-ups with the code BLACKFRIDAY or BLACKFRIDAY50 to redeem the discounts – please feel free to share!

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The Sciatica Pain Relief Cushion have their cushion for sale on their website with 10 to 15% off for the holidays coming.

Finally, Joya Shoes on-line partner Cheerful Soles have a week of Black Friday offers already started. 30% off on selected styles.



Talking Medicines, a new company based in Glasgow have just launched an app called Medsmart.

Medsmart is designed to make it easier for patients to manage their medication and understand the (often confusing!) information that goes with it. It is available from the App Store and Google Play and was featured on the BBC News and is free to download.

Medical Adherence rate across health conditions worldwide is at best 50%. Many healthcare consumers do not follow instructions to take medicines at the right time, in the right way and for the right duration. This poses a significant business challenge in patient adherence management.The Medsmart medication reminder app is free to download and use from Apple Store and Google Play.

Medsmart is a single unified global solution for healthcare consumers. simplifying complex information about medicines in everyday language.  Medsmart learns about users’ allergies, intolerances and potential interactions between medicines, helping to prevent avoidable trips to A&E or medicine wastage before they happen.

The medication reminder app makes it easy to control your own medicines and manage the medicines for those you care for. Simply scan the medicine’s barcode to bring trusted, easy to follow information to life whenever you need it. We empower people to make more informed decisions about their health, through understanding why the medicine was prescribed, how it works & how to use it properly

Clear, informative videos explain how medicines work and how to take them as prescribed. Unlock trusted information about ingredients in the medicine. Find out about potential side effects and possible interactions with other medicines that you use.  Easy to use ‘smart’ reminders help keep users to their prescribed course of medicine. Furthermore, our ‘smart’ reminders help monitor their progress throughout an entire course of medication.







This is an amazing infographic from Distant Job on the topic of “Hiring Disabled Workers as Remote Employees” for the purpose of breaking the mold traditional recruitment and emphasizing the importance of participation of disabled people in the workplace.

If you can’t read the infographic you will be surprised by some of the statements which say that Technology innovations have removed the barriers for the disabled participation in the workforce. 81% of workers with disabilities would like to telecommute, at least part-time. 17% need to telecommute because of disability.

Workers with disabilities stay in their jobs longer and have fewer absences. Workers with disabilities telecommute because 37.1% are given permission by their employer, 21% say the office is far from home and 17.1% say because of the accommodation for their disability.

Remote workers find it easier as there are ways to cope with their disability like they can take a walk around without disturbing others if say they are suffering from back pain. People with social anxiety problems by using chat and email. and other chronic conditions like ADHD and IBS are treated much better remotely.

For more information and details on Hiring Disabled Workers as Remote Employees take a look at the Distant Job website.



Earlier in the year I am sure you will have seen my posts on Stairlifts Reviews who say they know from personal experience how worrying and stressful it is when a loved one begins to have mobility issues. Once simple everyday activities such as climbing the stairs can become a real struggle. Many people end up limiting themselves to living on only one floor of their home in order to avoid falling or injuring themselves on the stairs. Others start to worry that they may have to move out of the home they love because they can no longer safely negotiate the stairs.

At Stairlift Reviews they believe that no one should have to leave the familiar surroundings of their own home or be restricted to just one floor just because they are unable to manage the stairs. In many cases a stairlift can solve the issue, helping someone with limited mobility retain their independence and improving their quality of life. But the whole process of shopping for a stairlift can in itself seem daunting. A stairlift is not something you buy every day, so where do you start?

That’s why they created the Stairlifts Reviews website. They want to help make the process of getting a stairlift as easy and stress-free as possible. They aim to provide answers to all the questions you may have about stairlifts, including information on the different types available and ways to find financial help. They work only with trusted stairlift companies that are committed to delivering excellent service and supplying quality, reliable stairlifts at an affordable price.

They now also have a Facebook Page whose recent article on how a million people in the UK give up their time to care for someone who can’t cope on their own, is well worth reading. Stairlifts Reviews Help for Carers Guide to learn what support is available for unpaid carers –