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Managing chronic pain is hard enough but during the busy festive period, it can cause bad flare-ups for sufferers unless they take care.

Here are some tips on how to manage your pain during Christmas.

1. Don’t be frightened to ask for help, be it with shopping, cooking, or cleaning. As many chronic pain sufferers tend to ‘look fine’ most people do not realise the pain they are suffering inside, so if you don’t ask you won’t get help.

2. Try moving that cutting board to the table and chop while sitting. Try moving those green beans to the living room and snap while sitting or reclining.

3. The easiest way to get around these problems is to plan ahead for the big Christmas week.

4. Crockpots can be a godsend in the winter for many chronic pain sufferers, just get help with your preparation of vegetables then pop it all in the pot and forget about it until it’s mealtime. And they don’t cost the earth, this one below is only £22.99 – I’ve just bought one for me and I LOVE it.

5. If work is leaving you exhausted and in pain, then design a flexible plan that works for you and your boss. With working from home now back on the cards again take advantage of working this way so you can fit in your rest

. 6. At your desk, rearrange your workspace for comfort and easy accessibility. A telephone headset, keyboard tray, or other products may help put less stress on your body

and remember your posture. Sitting upright will also help reduce the load on your spine.

7. Don’t try to always put on a happy face. Your loved ones need to know what makes your symptoms worse.

8. Rest, rest, and more rest, whenever you can, every little helps to recharge your batteries. When you feel that overwhelming urge to sleep try and get forty winks.

9. Support groups can play an important part in the lives of people with chronic illnesses. Whether in person or online, they offer a safe place to talk with others who may share your frustrations and concerns. Check some out while relaxing during the festive week

10. Tomorrow is another day and with most chronic pain tomorrow can be a more comfortable day, so try to not think negatively when you are having a dreadful day.

11. Keep all your ‘helpful’ pain relievers on hand, be it a hot water bottle, pillow, cushion or whatever you have that helps your pain. Heat, heat and more heat, it works for me and it’s simple easy and inexpensive. This year these long hot water bottles are a great gift to add to your Santa list, especially for only £9

12. Finally, keep the alcohol intake low, a hangover for someone already in pain is twice as bad and can knock you back for a few days. You can still drink and enjoy Christmas by just drinking some of the low-alcohol ranges of drinks. There are lots to choose from.



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