I was given the opportunity to review an amazing product for anyone with back pain/ fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions. Sit & Sigh BATH is the perfect cushion for anyone who has difficulty enjoying a bath in comfort.

We all know that a warm bath can help relieve aches and pains but being comfortable in your bath when you have pain from your back, fibromyalgia or other related conditions means this does not always happen.

I couldn’t wait to give this cushion a try as I really miss my long bath soaks, which I stopped having due to the discomfort I was in while trying to relax in the bath. I’m sure I am not alone and that many other back pain and fibromyalgia sufferers find it hard to enjoy a long soak in the bath as the base is so hard and the curve of the bath means you cannot lie down in comfort. I bought a lovely neck cushion but I still had low back and hip pain which meant a long soak was a short one and so a shower was the only option for me.

What an amazing difference this Sit & Sigh BATH cushion made to my bath time. Without the cushion, I would feel pressure on my tailbone and spine but because this cushion has a patented cutout which supports the pelvis without direct contact to the tailbone, it gave me complete relief without any pain whatsoever.

Finally, I can enjoy a long hot bath in comfort with this cushion, which is nothing like the more typical neck or head-rest cushions you see. I must admit I had never tried a full bath cushion before – only the neck ones – as I didn’t even realise these were available.

If you have other people using the bath after you, this cushion is easy to pop away and re-inflate when you next want to use it, but I would not be in the least bit surprised if everyone in the family would also want to enjoy the comfort of the cushion.

It has 6 suction cups that keep the Sit & Sigh BATH securely in place. It has the cutout to support the pelvis, it has a rear-facing wedge to reduce sliding forward and extra thick base and backrest which provides the comfort and a safer alternative to a hard bath surface. I also found it easier to get out of the bath with this cushion as it gave me that extra bit of height and support to get out.

As far as I am concerned, I would give it ten stars out of ten and could not recommend it enough. Bathing will be so much nicer for me now.

Sit & Sigh say, “It’s ideal for anyone with tailbone pain who can’t sit comfortably in the bath. Great for pressure relief or for a more relaxing bath experience during pregnancy, and Sit & Sigh BATH isn’t just great for those with pain, it’s also perfect for anyone wanting a more luxurious, comfortable bathing experience.”





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