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It’s Sleep Sunday again ( where does the time go) and this week I thought I would write a post on Sleep Masks.

I always wear a sleep mask which seems to drop off during the night. It all started years ago when I found our room too light to sleep in so I decided to try a sleep mask. Many years on and I am still using it even though it’s dark enough. Just a complete habit I don’t feel I can break but mine are mainly the free ones you get on long haul flights that I throw in the washing machine regularly.

But now they are available in a multitude of textures and colours and some that have calming scents in to help you sleep.

Tempur Sleep Mask A great favourite with TEMPUR®customers and the perfect aid to snoozing. A comfortable eye mask filled with TEMPUR®Material which moulds to your face for total darkness enbling you to drift off and relax, at £30

Space Masks, Self Heating Eye Masks sounds wonderful but you can only use them once. Spacemasks self-heating eye masks that will transport you to another dimension – relieving tiredness, eye strain and many other Earthly tensions. The warmth comes alive as soon as you open it. So make sure you’re fully reclined and ready for lift off. At only £15 for 5.

The Thera-Pearl mask can sooth sinus headaches, relieve nasal congestion and sinus-related headaches when heated. It can relieve dry eyes and can be cooled to help relieve dry and puffy eyes, as well as symptoms of blepharitis, and it retains its temperature. The THERA-PEARL eye mask retains its temperature for up to 20 minutes for a lasting soothing sensation. It sells for £8.95 from Lens Store.

Sleep Well Lavender Eye Mask. Block out light with this soft eye mask. Infused with lavender oil to help you relax and unwind. Soft velvet material to the front and silky on the reverse for comfort. Elasticated strap. from The Garden Fragrance Company for £8.99

Aroma Home Relax and Warm Lavender Eye Masks, The lilac sleep well eye mask is filled with lavender seeds to soothe tired eyes, aid sleep and encourage deep relaxation. The front of the eye mask is made with the best quality super soft lilac velour fabric and the reverse is made with a soft same colour satin fabric to ensure it rests over your face with the utmost comfort. This relaxing eye mask blocks out light to enhance the quality of your rest or sleep at home or while travelling and is ideal to use on flights. Available at Heat Treats for £9.95

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