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Instead of making some New Year Resolutions, I decided to write myself a list of things I would really like to try and achieve this year. I am going to print the list off and put it on my pinboard so I can see it and hopefully tick some off every day.

  1. Get rid of the 4lbs I put on over Christmas
  2. Read more books
  3. Grow some vegetables
  4. Write my Dad’s life story ( I have a suitcase full of paperwork and pictures to go through to achieve this but I promised his grandchildren I would write this for them)
  5. Update and republish my book on ‘Tea, Cake and Chocolate’.
  6. Try a new recipe every month
  7. FaceTime my friends more often
  8. Protect myself and my other half from Covid in any way the Government asks us to
  9. Do another paint by numbrs (I loved doing one in lockdown last year)
  10. Do more watercolour (I did this during lockdown as well)
  11. Make more handmade cards
  12. Whenever I buy something new, get rid of something else
  13. Try to increase my daily steps
  14. Have my grandchildren more often
  15. Keep myself fit
  16. Plan early for Christmas 2022 so I don’t wear myself out doing it all last minute
  17. Watch a movie outside
  18. Go on a boat somewhere ( I love cruising and just miss being on the sea)
  19. See my twin sister more often
  20. Join some more Facebook groups
  21. Write more blog posts ( I currenly write daily for my Back Pain Blog but only a couple of times a week for my Afternoon Tea and Interior Blogs)
  22. Visit London
  23. Go to the Theatre
  24. Play more board games with the family (we loved it so much over Christmas we all said lets do it more regularly instead of just at Christmas)
  25. Go on another workshop on flower arranging (I took my daugher and daughter in law on a wreath making workshop and we loved it)
  26. Take an online course on Reflexology
  27. Get better at playing Seduko
  28. Get better at playing Arrowword
  29. Meet up with old friends
  30. Go for a swim in the sea

I would love to write a post at the end of the year to say I have achieved most of the above. How about you, could you think of a number of things you would like to achieve in 2022?

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