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The Chinese use magnets, as well as acupuncture, and say the difference is just that needles work faster, but that magnets applied correctly are just as effective for some complaints.

They also think that the magnets are thought to stimulate the body’s ‘chi’ to promote healing. Apparently, Cleopatra is said to have worn a polished lodestone on her 3rd eye to maintain her beauty!

Although magnets became popular in the 19th and 20th centuries, the medical profession was against the use of them, but since then, magnets and magnetic products have become more and more popular with an increase in scientific studies showing the effectiveness of them.

At the moment the jury is still out as to whether the use of magnets for health problems is truly beneficial or just provides a placebo effect. But, unless people continually try out these different types of therapies for pain, we cannot get scientific research and feedback produced.

A company who deal in magnets Synergy For Life say that ‘Therapeutic magnets deliver results – quickly, quietly, and inexpensively. Our products may be used over and over again by every member of your family.’ They have magnetic applications for every joint and muscle, as well as magnetic sleep and seating systems.As we enter a new era in self-managed health care, “soft” medical alternatives are preferred over drugs and surgery. Biomagnetic and electro-medical therapies are among the fastest growing “soft” modalities.

Magnecare is a great UK site which sells all types of magnets for pain. Dr Philpott emphasises; “The magnetic bed places the entire body in a negative magnetic field all night; a natural sleep inducing, stress reducing anti-inflammatory environment”.


A great book on the subject is Magnet Therapy by Dr. Poonan Jain – This book presents the basic principles underlying magnet therapy in a clear and concise manner. It seeks to explain how the power of magnets can be usefully employed to treat illnesses and restore health and well-being.

On a personal note I have friends who swear by magnets for pain (especially arthritis sufferers) but although I like an eggshell mattress topper I found the magnet one hurt parts of my body.

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