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Anyone who suffers from chronic pain will find one of these diaries helpful. Most of them include the usual daily assessment pages, treatment history, doctors appointments, monitor pain location etc but some have a few more inserts that will help you monitor your pain.

I also prefer looking at the pretty patterned journals/diaries as I do tend to think it’s a girly thing.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia quite a few years ago through keeping a journal. I was seeing a spinal consultant at the time and I was taken to the hospital for an epidural injection and manipulation of the coccyx for low back pain. However I had quite a few other pains going on and the consultant asked me to write a diary of how and where my pain was, how many painkillers I needed to take and if there were any triggers to my pain.

When I went back for my post-op appointment he looked through my diary and immediately said that he thought I was also suffering from a condition called Fibromyalgia and said he would send me to see a Rheumatologist who would be able to advise me on pain relief.  Ever since then I always made a note of my flare-ups and/or what may have caused it and what medication I am taking on a daily basis as this really helps your specialist to understand what you need.

My top three choice is –

  1. The “Chronic Pain Journal: Portable Notebook Journal. Helps Pain Management. Track Pain Daily, 2 Pages per day layout, log pain location, symptoms, triggers, relief measures, notes and more by Journals for All ” is a great little book and some great reviews on it and is only £4.99
  2.  “Pain Journal : A daily record of chronic pain symptoms ” – ‘ Communication between patient and healthcare provider can be challenging, especially when it comes to describing one’s pain. We think we’ll remember and, when put on the spot, we draw a blank. This journal provides the patient with the opportunity to keep a daily, detailed account of pain symptoms, medications, situational changes, moods, hydration, and medical visits. Created by a massage practitioner who specializes in severe chronic pain, this journal is designed to be as easy to use as possible. Each page contains an anatomical figure. You simply circle the area of your pain and rate it 1 – 10. You can include more detailed information, if necessary, in the provided areas. Because this journal is designed in the same fashion as your healthcare provider’s charts, you can give the journal to your healthcare provider to look over at the beginning of your appointments and, at a glance, they can understand you. Now you can make the most of your healthcare visits and get on with your pain-free life! £9.93
  3.  “Chronic Pain and Fatigue Diary by CS Casey”  “3-month pocket-sized journal to help those with (diagnosed and undiagnosed) invisible illness conditions. Easily track your daily: * Pain locations and severity * Fatigue levels * Mood changes * Sleeping pattern * Food and Beverage intake * Passive and Active Activities * Medication changes With bonus Appointments section to help you remember important health-related appointments. Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue / ME / and Chronic Pain from Injury or Health Condition Sufferers: use the Chronic Pain and Fatigue Diary to work collaboratively with your treating health professionals (GPs, Specialists and complimentary care-givers), so you can cover all the symptoms you’ve been experiencing – but often forget to mention during appointments – and or work out whether specific foods, medications, treatments and activities impact (negatively or positively) on your ability to function on a day-to-day basis.” £12.89



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